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4/27 Trustee Work on Essex Junction Independence

Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2021

On April 27, the Trustees held a work session on Essex Junction Independence.  The following is what was discussed. 

The Trustees will be using approximately the first hour of each of their regularly scheduled meetings to have a work session to discuss Essex Junction Independence.  The public will be given the opportunity to speak at the start of each work session. 

The Trustees established a goal:  To create an independent Essex Junction, ensuring that it:  has a foundation that provides for economic and political stability, reflects the Village character, has opportunity for growth, and looks towards the future. 

The Trustees established some operating principles:  This will be a Village led process that is future oriented.  We will steer clear of distractions and act with civility, transparency, and deliberateness.  The Trustees will work to develop consensus and speak with a consistent voice.  We will engage with, bring together, seek input from, and work to inform our community.  We will work with the Selectboard and maintain a healthy relationship with our neighbors in the Town. 

They identified a scope of work to include:  the charter, organization & budget, work with the Selectboard, listen to Village Residents, and educate and inform voters.  A general budget and potential sources of funds was discussed.   

They reviewed a general timeline which included starting the work now and leading to a vote on the new charter in November.   

They endorsed having a grassroots group of citizens lead community conversations that will engage the community in identifying Village values, create a vision of the future, and hear concerns that residents have about a future independent municipality. 

If you have feedback on the work session, you are encouraged to share your thoughts here: 

If you missed the work session, but would like to watch it, you can find it here (starting at minute 11:30): 

The next work session will take place as the first item on the agenda at the May 11 Trustees meeting, which starts at 6:30p.m.  The meeting agenda and link will be posted a few days before the meeting here: