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Stormwater management is a permit requirement of the City of Essex Junction which is designated by the EPA and Vermont as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) due to our population density.

The City protects water quality by educating, reducing, and eliminating stormwater runoff into our streams and Lake Champlain. Efforts include frequent street sweeping, maintaining over 1500 catch basins and miles of storm drain lines, supporting pick up after your pet initiatives, maintenance of stormwater detention ponds, rain gardens and infiltration areas as well as stormwater control practices. This effort is jointly operated and managed with the Public Works and Water Quality Staff.  Land Development regulations and ordinances encourage responsible management of stormwater runoff and minimizing of impervious surfaces on residential and business properties. 

Contact Information

Chelsea Mandigo
Water Quality Superintendent

Rethink Runoff and the Stream Team

We also participate in Rethink Runoff formally Regional Stormwater Education Program and The Stream Team where we provide information about the impact of stormwater runoff and how actions you can take to prevent stormwater from polluting our waterways. Chittenden County towns working together are much more effective in reaching the common goal of clean water and improved water quality in the Lake Champlain basin.  Think about it, we all have less work to do improving water quality if we prevent pollution from occurring in the first place.   Like our friends at the Chittenden Solid Waste District say:  “If you do a little we can all do a lot”. 

Rethink Runoff, a regional stormwater outreach and education program, has published the results of their most recent survey in nine cities and towns of Chittenden County about residents’ perceptions and habits regarding stormwater runoff.