Sample Voter Ballots

IF you are voting absentee:
Early/Absentee Ballots: Voters must request Early/Absentee ballots in order to vote by mail. All early/absentee ballots must be returned to the clerk’s office by Monday, August 8th or delivered directly to the polling place before the close of polls on August 9th.

When voting by mail, be sure to return all ballots, voted ballot in voted ballot envelope and unvoted ballots in unused ballot envelope. This requirement is unique to the Vermont State Primary; you will receive ballots from all three parties, but may only vote in one party. Be sure to follow the instructions included.

You can verify the status of your ballot and see if it has been received by the clerk’s office at

In-office early voting will be available after July 4th.

Sample Ballots for August 9, 2022