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Vision & Strategic Action Plan Stakeholder Survey Results

Posted Thursday, November 9, 2023
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Stakeholder Survey Results

The City of Essex Junction has published the results from the first stakeholder survey for the Vision & Strategic Action Plan Project. The results from the survey can be found on the Project Portal page

On the Project Portal, residents can explore how people responded to questions, including satisfaction with living and working in the City, the current direction of the City of Essex Junction, and the ability to adapt. Some data can also be filtered to explore responses by different cohorts within the community respondents, or data points can be hovered over to reveal specific information. This data visualization is intended to allow residents to explore the data set and see what community members think about the future of the City of Essex Junction.

Additionally, the City held two Think Tank Workshops on November 2 and 4, 2023. During the two-day workshops, participants provided information on macro trends shaping the future of Essex Junction, discovered 20 key drives shaping the future of the City and rated the future impact of those drivers, developed four plausible scenarios of the future of Essex Junction, and identified expected and preferred futures for the City. Slideshows from the workshops can be found on the Project Portal. A Think Tank Report is being developed and will be available on the Project Portal website once it is complete. 

Residents interested in providing feedback at future events can attend the Train Hop on December 8, a Community Vision Open House on January 27, and focus groups on January 29-31. Additional information on these events will be published on the City website, Facebook page, and Front Porch Forum. 

To learn more about the project or to sign up for emails about the project, visit the Project Portal at or contact Ashley Snellenberger, Communications & Strategic Initiatives Director, at asnelenberger@ or 802-878-6944.