Trustees will hold completely remote public meetings

As permitted by Act 78, the Village Board of Trustees is moving to completely remote meetings for the foreseeable future, and will reassess periodically when to move back to in-person meetings, based on where things stand with Covid. Please see below from VLCT for more details about Act 78:

Remote-Only Public Meetings:

On January 18, 2022, Governor Scott signed Act 78 into law. The purpose of the Act is to allow public bodies to “organize and hold open meetings in a manner that will protect the health and welfare of the public while providing access to the operations of government.” The Act does this by allowing temporary Open Meeting Law procedures that will remain in effect until January 15, 2023. Among the temporary allowances is that municipal public bodies can hold completely remote meetings through electronic participation only, without designating a physical meeting location, and electronic posting for agendas and special meeting notices.

As a reminder, the meetings for the Village Board of Trustees and the Village Planning Commission now have a recurring link (the same link for every meeting) from Zoom. The producers from Town Meeting Television will continue to live stream and record the meetings for you. Zoom provides a more consistent platform for these broadcasts.

To learn about your videoconference and call-in options, please visit:

Essex Junction Board of Trustees page

Village Planning Commission page

To learn more about attending a meeting using Zoom:

Visit Zoom support for joining a video call