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Winter Tree Care from the Tree Advisory Committee

Posted Friday, March 24, 2023
Tree Advisory Committee
TAC Winter Tree Care Graphic

March has arrived, and with it comes the tease of spring unfolding. We have longer days, the warming sun, the sweetness of sap steam in the air, and, yes, snow. Now is a good time to observe the condition of the trees in your yard. The wind event this past December and the heavy wet snows of this winter may have impacted some of your trees. Why do some trees look magnificent while others appear compromised? The difference may be in the care that they receive.

Pruning is a tree care procedure that involves removing dead or diseased branches, buds, and even roots of the tree. Proper tree pruning will improve the health of the tree, improve the tree structure to better withstand significant weather events, and reduce the risk of a tree becoming a hazard.

The Essex Junction Tree Committee encourages residents to be tree stewards. By doing so, we will all reap the countless benefits trees provide our City. For more information about the Essex Junction Tree Advisory Committee, visit their page

Resources for Tree Care

How to Prune:


Why Hire an Arborist:

The Ice Storm of 1998!

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the great ice storm that severely damaged the tree canopy. Burlington was severely impacted. Warren Spinner, Essex Junction’s Tree Warden and Tree Committee member, tells the story of the event, as he was the Burlington Arborist then.