Why Essex? Vermont Dog Club

Interview with Whitney Doremus & Shannon Lowe, Owners of Vermont Dog Club

I stopped by the Vermont Dog Club on a busy Saturday morning, with the Rough & Tumble playgroup in full swing outside.  Despite all the dogs wrestling in the dirt outside  owner Whitney and her fiancee Shannon were nice enough to take me on a tour of the facility and tell me about the Dog Club.  

There is nowhere else quite like the Vermont Dog Club in the state, so Essex canine lovers are fortunate to only to have travel to the Five Corners area  for the unique experience.  The motto of the Dog Club is, “A place where dogs and their humans gather to train, learn, and play.”  The Dog Club offers dog training, doggie playgroups, a self-service dog wash station, indoor activities to occupy dogs during the winter, and even a cozy couch for all members of the family to curl up and watch a movie.  In addition, the Dog Club offers special seminars on things like dog behavior and health care.  Whitney had opened a similar buisness in North Carolina, and when she moved back to Vermont a few years ago she was eager to try the same concept in Essex Junction. 

Whitney sees the Dog Club as a social opportunity for dogs and their handlers.  She pointed to the playgroup participants outside and told me that many of them had formed friendships as a result of coming to the Club together. 

Shannon loves children and will often entertain the human kids of participants while Whitney works with their furry children.  Shannon is also responsible for organizing a Super Kids and Dogs class that will run for the third time this summer.  Shannon has a great sense of humor and is responsible for hiding treats around the Club for kids (and kids at heart) to find.

All in all, this quote from a recent visitor really sums things up: “Essex Junction, you don't know how lucky you are to have VDC right at your finger (paw?) tips. It's all your dog could want and need in the same place: a fun and safe place to learn/grow/socialize/exercise all in the presence of a staff that is unmatched in dog knowledgeable and kindness. You simply must try it out...I'm sad I'm only here to visit or my dogs would be tearing around in here daily. Great work, pioneers Whitney & Shannon on a one-of-a-kind concept!”

If you are interested in learning more about Vermont Dog Club, check out the company’s website at http://vermontdogclub.com/, call 355-2285, or visit at 36 Park St., Essex Junction.  Walk-in visitors are always welcome, and I promise that no one (human or animal) will bite!

Why Essex? “Vermont is where my family is, and where I wanted to build my business” -Whitney Doremus.

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