Why Essex? Transitions Physical Therapy

Interview with Dr. Sean Fitzgerald and Kristin Fitzgerald, Practice Manager

Walking into the stately Victorian that Transitions Physical Therapy calls home does not feel like entering a sterile doctor’s office environment-and that is precisely the intention.  When I entered Transitions PT, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and escorted up a beautiful curved stairway until I finally made my way to a comfy couch in the office of Practice Manager Kristin Fitzgerald. 

Transitions wants to make everyone feel welcome in their facility.  Many of their patients are in a considerable amount of pain, and some feel a sense of hopelessness about their condition.  Therefore, friendly employees, a home-like setting, and easy to schedule appointments are all a part of what helps to make Transitions special.  But I didn’t just take Kristin’s word for it.  Here is what a recent Facebook review had to say about the team at Transitions, “Can't recommend them enough. I ruptured my Achilles and they got me back to 100% in half the time I expected. Exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

Kristin and Sean live in Essex and cite their community ties as a major reason for opening up a practice in the community.  Kristin’s office is decorated with pictures of their children-including a newspaper cutout of her daughter making the shot that clinched a first-round home-field advantage for the Hornets last fall.

She told me that one of her favorite parts of being a business owner in Essex is the ability to connect with patients, and see them around the community. 

In fact, the day before my interview a patient of Sean’s (who had not been under his care in over a year) stopped by the office to bring him a peanut butter pie on his birthday.  If that isn’t being a part of the community, I don’t know what is.  Author’s note: I also like peanut butter pie.  And my birthday is next month.  Just saying…

Why Essex? “Being in Essex has allowed us to make connections with local athletics and performing artists.  We love being a part of the community” -Kristin Fitzgerald

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Photo Credits: Transitions Physical Therapy