Why Essex? Sweet Alchemy Bakery & Cafe

Interview with Bhava Carr, Owner

Sweet Alchemy is a vegan bakery and café that has been open in Essex for 13 months.  The restaurant offers a variety of entrees, smoothies, and a decadent dessert case.  Most of the ingredients used are organic as well as sourced locally as much as possible.  Some of the veggies are even grown in the on-site garden.  In addition, Sweet Alchemy operates a wholesaling business and supplies baked goods to numerous local businesses.  After our interview, Bhava sent me on my way with a scrumptious slice of pineapple upside down cake.  It was delicious, and I would have had no idea that the treat didn’t contain any dairy products. 

It was difficult for me to choose a review to include in this piece because Sweet Alchemy’s Facebook included so many wonderful reviews!  Here is one that really seemed to capture the essence of what so many reviewers seem to like about the café: “Beautiful, comfortable atmosphere and the food was amazing! Healthy, fresh, everything hand prepared and most locally sourced. The owner is friendly and the staff was helpful and attentive.”

During our chat, Bhava’s enthusiasm for both her business and her community became evident.  One story that really touched me was Bhava’s anecdote about breaking her leg this winter. Obviously, it was much more difficult for her to get her work done.  Seeing that she needed help, several of her regular customers offered to help her out with her deliveries and run to the store for her.  Bhava told me that it was during this time that she felt genuinely grateful to have brought her business to Essex.

Sweet Alchemy is located at 45 Upper Main Street, in the Lang Farm.  The Café’s phone number is 662-5905, and make sure to check out some more of the fantastic reviews and daily specials on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweetalchemyvermont/.  

Why Essex? “All of the pieces just came together.  I fell in love with the space and the area.” -Bhava Carr

Photo credits: Darby Mayville & Sweet Alchemy Cafe

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