Why Essex? SoulShine Power Yoga


Interview with Sarah Quinttus, Manager & Yoga Teacher at SoulShine Power Yoga

I tried my first class at SoulShine Power Yoga a few weeks ago.  As someone who tends to be drawn to the more intense physical workouts, I enjoyed this a wonderfully relaxing, slow yoga called yin a lot more than I expected and left feeling refreshed and calm. 

Anyone entering the SoulShine studio is instantly surrounded by the work of local artists.  In addition, SoulShine sells yoga products (including mats, towels, and water bottles) and scented oils and creams.  During Shavasana (the rest time at the end of every yoga class) the instructors go around the room and place a damp towel infused with lavender oil on the forehead of every student.   

SoulShine has been open for about 3.5 years, and currently offers between four and seven classes per day.  Close to 30 different teachers offer classes at SoulShine.  While most of these classes move at a faster pace, others offer slower, more restorative options.  The heat for all classes is set between 85 and 95 degrees, which manager and yoga teacher Sarah Quinttus tells me is enough to help sweat start to detoxify a practitioner’s body, but is not so hot to give (as I so elegantly put it) the “drowned rat” feeling.

As a student wrote in a Facebook review, “Strength, beauty, love, discipline, and joy... I've experienced it all at Soulshine Yoga! It's not just a studio, it's a community. All abilities, ages, and experiences welcome. I've grown my practice with teachers who offer clear and supportive instruction in a relaxed yet vigorous practice. Breath work and mindfulness too! I look forward to continued practice with a dedicated and fun group of teachers and practitioners!”

SoulShine is located at 1 Market Place, in the Red Mall.  The class schedule can be found at http://soulshinepoweryoga.com/schedule/.  Like SoulShine on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SoulShinePowerYoga/ to stay up to date with special events and happenings at the studio.  

Why Essex? “There is no other space in the greater Essex area to take heated yoga, and we wanted to make it easily accessible to the residents here.” - Sarah Quinttus

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Photo credits: Darby Mayville