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Why Essex? Reboot Coaching

Posted Thursday, January 3, 2019
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Interview with Linda Atkins, Owner

Have you ever had to do push-ups to get extra candy on Halloween?  If you have visited Linda Atkin’s home on East Street in the past few years, you may have!  Five push-ups will earn you two handfuls of candy while passing on the challenge just gets you one.  Linda matches push-up to push-up with all of her visitors, and did over two-hundred pushups last Halloween-all while dressed up as a vampire! 

Linda has had a passion for fitness for most of her life.  In 2015, after retiring as an HVAC technician, she opened a fitness studio in her home.  She explored the idea of working as a personal trainer for one of the local gyms, but after decades of “working for someone else,” she felt inspired to go out on her own.  Much to Linda’s surprise, her wife Sue McCormack agreed to this plan, and the couple began the process of converting their garage into a fitness studio.  

Linda trains a diverse group of clients, from tweens to seniors.  She has also started to offer team personal training, which is a popular solution for fitness fans who want to split the cost of a personal trainer with a friend.  According to one of her clients, “Linda is a phenomenal coach! Intelligent, compassionate and super observant of where you are with every action. She finds the places you need to stretch yourself and easily inspires to find your edges. I feel stronger than I did a month ago and the progress continues. Her sense of humor is a bonus and time working out with her is incredibly fun!”

Reboot Coaching is located at 28 East Street in Essex Junction.  Book an appointment with Linda or learn more on Facebook:  And make sure to stop by next Halloween if you want to see a vampire doing pushups…  

Why Essex? “I love sharing my studio and passion for fitness with all ages.  I see my home and business as a community space for Essex Junction.”

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Photo Credits: Linda Atkins