Why Essex? Practical Magick

Interview with Stacy Sweet & Lynnae Dube-Rotunda, Co-Owners

Stacey and Lynnae opened Practical Magick in June; however, their space is already so comfortable and lived in that it seemed like they could have been there forever.  Practical Magick is located in a historical building on Pearl Street, in what was formerly the home of Excelerate Essex and Kaleidoscope Yarns.  Artwork is displayed throughout the building, and the cascading spiral staircases are reminiscent of what walking through a castle might feel like. 

Practical Magick includes a first-floor storefront selling crystals, skincare items, books, and other new-age products.  The second and third floors are dedicated to massage therapy, reiki, tarot readings, and yoga classes.  In addition to these services, Lynnae described Practical Magick as “A place to rejuvenate when you are having a bad day.”  She told me that regular customers often come to the store just to look around, enjoy a cup of tea, and relax.  Lynnae and Stacy see Practical Magick as not only a store, but a community center for those in all walks of life who have an interest in earth-based spirituality. 

As one recent visitor wrote on Facebook, “An inviting, incredible place that I felt instantly at home in. Gorgeous crystals, supplies and beautiful jewelry, transfixing art and quality products. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't yet! Not *just* a store - it's a warm, budding community.” 

Practical Magick is located at 15 Pearl Street, just up the street from Five Corners.  The phone number is 662-5570.  Check out some of the store’s events and classes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PracticalMagickVt/.

Why Essex? “It was the midpoint between where co-owner Lynnae and I live, and Essex is my hometown.” -Stacey Sweet

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Photo Credits: Practical Magick