Why Essex? Mountain View Animal Hospital

Interview with Erin Forbes, Veterinarian

I met Erin over a Hornet Burger and several cups of afternoon coffee at Railroad & Main, a nice midpoint between our two offices.  Erin began working for Mountain View Animal Hospital right after graduating from veterinary school almost five years ago.  A native of Maine, Erin was excited to be able to stay close to home yet still get to explore the greater New England area.  Erin’s passion for animals was evident as she shared anecdotes with me over lunch, from the adventures of her own dogs (Ca$h and Cassie) to tales about turtles retreating into their shell when she tried to conduct an examination.    

Erin and the rest of the staff at Mountain View take care of all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to snakes, turtles, and reptiles.  They also perform surgeries, including anesthesia, dental care, and integrative medicine services for animals.  Hearing about all the work that Erin and the Mountain View staff are trained to do really made me have an appreciation for all of the hard work that must have gone into successfully completing veterinary school.  Or as Erin calls it, “Not having a life for four years.”       

When I asked her what she enjoys most about her job she said that she loves the supportive and non-competitive atmosphere that she gets from her colleagues at Mountain View.  It is clear that she is not the only one who feels this way. One recent Facebook reviewer had to say this about the kindness of the staff during a very difficult time for her, “This past week we had to take my beloved kitty in to be put down after a full life of 17 years. The staff was lovely, very respectful, and explained how the process would work in full. They let us take as much time as we needed with him before and after the procedure. They made an incredibly painful moment as easy as it could be. They even sent a very sweet card in the mail later in the week.”

Mountain View Animal Hospital is located at 129 Main Street in Essex Junction. Learn about their services and find answers to some animal health questions on their website: http://www.vtvet.com/.  And if you want to see some pictures of animals in their Halloween costumes (and more reviews too) check out Mountain View’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vtvet/.  

Why Essex? “I love Vermont, the people are amazing here.  I like living in Essex because I can be in Burlington in 10 minutes and in the mountains in 20.” –Erin Forbes 

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Photo Credits: Mountain View Animal Hospital