Why Essex? MetroRock Station

Interview with Matthew (Boof) Butler-Bugher, General Manager

When I walked into MetroRock, I was instantly greeted by Bear, the office dog.  After Bear was done inspecting me (I seem to have passed), manager Matthew (Boof) Butler-Bugher welcomed me into his office.  Boof has been with the MetroRock organization (they have five locations) since 2007, starting at their flagship Boston location.  After we finished chatting and checking out pictures of each other’s children, Boof took me on a tour of the climbing area.  

Having never been to an indoor rock climbing center, walking into MetroRock was an almost surreal experience.  I was surrounded by rock walls and enthusiastic climbers on all sides, including a high ropes course 25-40 feet off the ground.  There was quite a variety of climbers using the facilities, from college students, young parents taking turns climbing and watching their babies, and highly focused serious climbers.    

MetroRock employees pride themselves on their customer service.  Here is what a recent review on Facebook had to say about the environment in MetroRock, “I came here today to "rock out" for the first time, and probably the best rock gym I have ever been to. And possibly the best customer service, I went to rent some chalk and one of the guys at the desk let me rent it for free of charge. This place motivates me to be a better climber.”

If you have been to Lowes in the past few years, you have been just yards away from 17,000 square feet of rock climbing terrain and probably never knew it.  MetroRock is tucked away behind Lowes at 6 Susie Wilson Road in a large warehouse.  Monthly memberships as well as punch cards and day passes are available.  Admission or membership also grants access to an on-site fitness center and yoga classes, so that members can meet all of their fitness needs in one place.    Check out upcoming events, read more reviews, and view photos on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metrorockburlington/

Why Essex? “We had originally wanted to be somewhere closer to Burlington, but Essex ended up fitting our needs perfectly.  It is easily accessible and close to the mountains.” –Matthew Butler-Bugher

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Photo Credits: Metrorock Station