Why Essex? Hagan Associates

Interview with Ara Hagan, Owner

I arrived for my meeting with Ara a little early and decided to poke around the stylishly decorated waiting room while I was waiting for her to finish up her phone call.  I found myself drawn to a colorful display for Bag Balm and Darn Tough socks, and learned that Hagan Associates is responsible for marketing several brands that I see almost every time I go into a store.  In addition to having a passion for working with Vermont (and national) retailers, Ara also assists local non-profits, such as Green Up Day and PBS, with their marketing initiatives.    

Ara has intentionally kept Hagan Associates a small, close-knit company.  As one review from a recent client stated, “Hagan is an extension of our staff.” 

Hagan Associates is located at 47 Park Street, right across the street from the entrance to the Riverside at the Village apartments.  One of the reasons Ara chose this location was due to the easy proximity to local eateries.  She enjoys being a short walk from several delicious restaurants where she can easily take her clients out to eat.  Firebird Café and El Gato Cantina are two of her favorite spots to grab lunch with a client.

Learn more about Hagan, and peruse some of their recent work on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HaganAssociates/ or on the web at http://haganmarketing.com/

Why Essex?: “I live with my family in Essex, and love being able to show the community to my clients.”