Village Water/Sewer Bills

Village water bills are in the mail and due August 17th, 2021

(Your printed bill erroneouly says the 16th)

Payments may be mailed to Village of Essex Junction c/o 81 Main Street, Essex Jct., VT 05452 or may be delivered to either the Town Office (81 Main Street) or the Village Office (2 Lincoln Street). A drop box is available at both locations for after-hours check payments. Payments received or postmarked after August 17, 2021 will be charged a 5% penalty. For questions concerning your bill, or if you did not receive a bill, please call Cindy at 857-0073.

Water/sewer bills can be paid online or in office at 81 Main Street with credit or debit card. Convenience fees will be charged. A link to online payments can be found on the home page of the Village website. We continue to offer Automatic Direct Debit from your bank account. If you are interested in enrolling, please use this form.

Bill explanation flyer

Rates and general information