Village & Town Awarded $575,304 in Grant Funds

The Joint Stormwater Coordinating Committee would like to announce that the Village & Town have recently been awarded several grants amounting to $575,304 in funding in the last three months:

-$283,000 for the replacement of a vacuum truck.  This truck has a larger capacity than the current vehicle and will be used for stormwater and sewer maintenance needs in both the Village and Town.
-$271,138 for cul-de-sac retrofits on Acorn Circle, Oakwood Lane, and Sage Circle.  This includes work to be done to direct stormwater runoff into an infiltration system.
-$11,566 for outfall repair and ditching work on Juniper Ridge Road.  This will help to reduce erosion in this area.
-$9,600 to develop a Road Management Plan for the Town’s gravel roads.

These grant funds will help the Village & Town complete necessary permit compliance work without increasing the local tax burden.  The grants will be administered by either the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation or Vermont Agency of Transportation, and are a mix of state and federal funds.