Town and Village Seek Inaugural Members of Joint Housing Commission

Housing advocates and reports have highlighted the urgent need for all types of housing in our community, and have recommended creation of a local housing commission. This is even more relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, since approximately 30% of homeowners and 50% of renters in the community are considered cost-burdened (paying more than a third of their income on housing).

In January, the Town of Essex Selectboard and Essex Junction Board of Trustees approved the creation of a Joint Essex Housing Commission, and now seek volunteers to fill one- to three-year terms. The purpose of the Housing Commission is to advise the Selectboard, Board of Trustees, Planning Commissions, and other municipal boards and committees on the housing needs of the community, including review and consultation of policy and zoning changes related to housing. The Commission will continue to maintain and analyze the community's demographic and housing stock information and provide periodic updates on housing issues to elected officials. The Commission will also work to educate the public on housing topics and develop partnerships with developers, non-profits, state agencies, and social service organizations to advance the community's housing goals.

Monthly meeting days and times will be determined based on the availability of appointees, and will be conducted remotely during the pandemic. If you are interested in serving on the Housing Commission or would like to learn more about housing needs in Essex, send a letter of interest and resume to Tammy Getchell at tgetchell@ For more information about the Housing Commission and Housing Needs Assessment, contact Town Planner Darren Schibler at dschibler@