Stormwater Gravel Wetland - Main St. & Fairview Dr

The constructed stormwater gravel wetland located on the corner of Main St. and Fairview Dr. was completed in October 2019. This constructed wetland contains and filter stormwater runoff from Main St. and the Fairview Farms neighborhood as a part of the stormwater flow restoration plan requirements for Indian Brook. The constructed wetland will also remove Phosphorus, an essential compliance objective of the Essex Junction and Essex Stormwater Management Plan. The project was under the estimated budget by $19,000. In addition 50% of the project costs were reimbursed from the State of Vermont's Ecosystem Restoration Grant. Wetland plants will begin to grow and some trees will be planted in the spring. Please e-mail Stormwater Coordinator/Wastewater Operator, Chelsea Mandigo chelsea@ if you have questions about the project.