Racial Justice in Essex

Racial justice in Essex

Công lý chủng tộc ở Essex. 

العدالة العنصرية العرقية في إسكس (Essex)

Haki ya kikabila katika Essex


Cadaaladda Midab-takoorka ee Essex 


Essex is committing to examining the policies and practices of not only our Police Department but our entire municipality, through the lens of racial and social justice that roots out racism and implicit bias in all its forms. We commit to working with our community partners, including our communities of color, to make police-community relations in Essex as strong as possible. Working together we hope to build a stronger and more just community. To that end we hope to engage with the community of Essex in authentic conversations about racism and social justice, and to lay the foundation for changes in attitudes, practices, and policies so Essex can become a welcoming, inclusive, anti-racist community where ​all​ residents can thrive.

For further information and continued updates, please see our webpage regarding Racial Justice in Essex