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Participate in Regional Stormwater Survey or Fellowship

Posted Thursday, February 1, 2024
Regional Stormwater Survey and Fellowship

Take the Survey for the Champlain Direct Drainage Tactical Basin Plan

In collaboration with partners, Vermont is updating the Northern Lake Champlain Direct Drainages Tactical Basin Plan. This water quality and habitat management plan identifies rivers, lakes and wetlands in need of restoration and protection. It also outlines actions to achieve water quality goals and identifies partners and funding critical to implementing the actions. The plan will be released end of 2024.

Contribute to the planning process through the survey. Your answers benefit the process by providing a more complete picture of the watershed and understanding of the community needs that will lead to successful restoration and protection efforts by the Agency, its partners and the community.

Learn more about the planning process at the basin's website to find links to a plan summary in Story Map format as well as the full plan:

View the PDF flyer

Stormwater Regional Utility Research Fellowship 

A fellow is sought to conduct research that identifies benefits and drawbacks to communities that operate regionally (rather than individually) to implement Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4) Permit minimum measures that relate to discharge of stormwater to public waters. These include such actions as conducting inspections of infrastructure, engaging in certain specified municipal operations, monitoring, and management of stormwater data, among others. 

Over a one-year period the fellow will conduct research to evaluate and make recommendations about municipal operations that may work well for a regional approach as well as those that may not. 

University of Vermont, representing a partnership among six Vermont MS4 communities and Lake Champlain Sea Grant, seeks applicants with the following skills and experience to apply to fill this one-year fellowship position.

To view the qualifications and how to apply, click the link: Stormwater Regional Utility Research Fellowship - OPEN | Lake Champlain Sea Grant (