NOTICE to Village of Essex Junction Voters regarding Early Voting

In anticipation of the TBA rescheduled annual meetings of the Village of Essex Junction and Essex Westford School District, we bring to your attention the following information:

  1. Due to an emergency amendment to the election laws, the boards (Trustees and School Directors) are permitted to warn all annual meeting items to be voted on by ballot.
  2. All voters are encouraged to vote by mail by requesting an early/absentee ballot now. Here’s how ballots can be requested now:
    1. Call 857-0069 and leave your name, phone number, address, mailing address (if different), and which election(s) you are requesting the ballots for (i.e., all local elections, August primary, November general); or
    2. Email clerk@ with the information requested in (a) above; or
    3. Request online through my voter page at
  3. The Clerk’s Office will mail you your requested ballot(s) as soon as they are ready for the upcoming elections.

Important:  You will not receive ballots automatically, you must request them.  Requests must be renewed each calendar year.  You can request now for all elections through December 31, 2020.