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Information Concerning Ballot Error

Posted Thursday, March 30, 2023
City Council
Annual Meeting Ballot Information graphic

There is an error on your City of Essex Junction ballot regarding Article 3. It currently references section 206(b) of the Charter, but it should say 206(a). In consultation with the City Attorney, this is not a material error, and the results will still be valid. 

As a reminder, when you are voting on Charter changes, you are voting on the amendments to the Charter and not the entire section. For example, Article 2 and Article 3 refer to section 206(a) of the Charter but ask two different policy questions. Voting on Article 2 would be whether or not to add in the underlined language. Voting on Article 3 would be whether or not to remove the strikethrough language. Voting yes or no with either or both of them does not impact the other. 

If you have additional questions concerning the ballot items, please contact Andrew Brown, City Council President, at