Gravel Wetland Construction

Work for the constructed stormwater gravel wetland located on the corner of Main St. and Fairview Dr. is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 5.  Please note that the start date has been revised.  Construction crews began bringing equipment to the site on Monday, July 22, however, work will not begin until the 5th.  The project is anticipated to be completed in early September.  Only temporary traffic and pedestrian impacts are expected.

This constructed wetland will contain and filter stormwater runoff from Main St. and the Fairview Farms neighborhood as a part of the community stormwater flow restoration requirements for the Indian Brook watershed. The constructed wetland will also remove Phosphorus, an essential compliance objective of the Essex Junction and Essex Stormwater Management Plan.   Construction hours will be from 7 AM-5PM Monday-Friday. Please e-mail Water Quality Superintendent Jim Jutras at if you have questions about the project.