Fundraiser for the Lumumba/Lushima Family

The Essex Community Justice Center (ECJC) is sponsoring a fundraising event for a family in Essex who really need the support from, and connection to, their community during this holiday season.  Please consider donating and sharing widely.  

Anako "Anette" Lumumba, age 33, was shot and killed last spring in South Burlington. The only suspect is her ex- boyfriend, who is yet to be apprehended.  Anette left behind 2 precious young daughters (ages 5 and 12) who are now being raised by their beloved grandmother.   The ECJC recently became aware that Anette's mother and daughters live in Essex. Part of the mission of the ECJC is to support people in the community who have been harmed by crime.  This family has been devastated.  We reached out to the family recently to offer our support and have decided to do a fundraiser to help them over the holidays. 

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