Fairview Drive & Main Street Gravel Wetland

Over the next few weeks, the Village of Essex Junction will be removing trees over four inches in diameter on a parcel of municipally-owned land on the corner of Main Street and Fairview Drive.  The purpose of this work is to prepare the site for a stormwater constructed wetland while protecting the northern long-eared bat, a threatened species in Vermont by removing potential roosting trees prior to their summer arrival.

The constructed wetland project will be built this summer utilizing Vermont Ecosystem Restoration grant funds.  This project will help to mitigate stormwater flow and runoff pollutants from the Main Street and Fairview Farms areas, helping to keep our streams and Lake Champlain clean.  If you would like to learn more about this project contact Chelsea at the Wastewater Treatment Facility 878-6943 X105 or chelsea@ essexjunction.org.  To learn more about stormwater runoff, please visit: http://rethinkrunoff.org/.