Essex provides support to local organizations

The Town of Essex Selectboard is encouraging local area social, health and human services organizations to apply for support funding.  Each year, Essex provides 1% of their annual budget to community agencies that align with prioritized focus areas of need for Essex residents.  Priority is given to organizations providing programs that serve to meet human needs and improve the overall quality of life of Essex residents through knowledge, prevention, remediation, direct service, and improved accessibility, accountability, and coordination of services.  Social service programs and facilities include, but are not limited to, those that address, transportation, nutrition, medical, child care, and other rehabilitative services for persons with low incomes, senior citizens, children, disabled persons, individuals and families suffering with substance abuse and addiction, and persons requiring employment to eliminate their need for public assistance.  Last fiscal year, Essex provided $143,454 in funding to qualified organizations.  Funds have already been approved for FY20 and applications are now being accepted through February 15, 2020 to request support for nonprofit human services programs.  For more information, please visit