Essex Junction Open Burning Ordinance

With warmer temps, residents may be starting some yard cleanup and outdoor activities. The Essex Junction Fire Department is reminding you of the Open Burning Ordinance for the Village and that the fire danger is currently moderate with abnormally dry conditions.

Burning brush, leaves, trash or debris is not allowed in the Village of Essex Junction. Cooking or outdoor fireplaces are allowed with proper fuels to include charcoal, firewood, liquid propane (LP) or natural gas. In no circumstance shall an otherwise permissible fire be allowed that creates, in the discretion of the Village or its designate, a public nuisance. Fires must be attended at all times with an extinguishment resource within twenty (20) feet of the fire. Fires must be ten (10) feet away from a structure and must be built where they will not escape. A person starting a fire is responsible for preventing its escape. This prohibition shall not include training exercises by the Essex Junction Fire Department. The Village Trustees, with the concurrence of the Essex Junction Fire Chief, may approve a burn permit for a community event provided that the Essex Junction Fire Department is present.

Chapter 13 13-2 SECTION 1303.

PENALTIES: a. An Issuing Municipal Official is authorized to recover civil penalities in the following amounts for each violation of Section 1302 or waive if appropriate:

  • First offense - $0 (warning)
  • Second offense - $250
  • Third offense - $500
  • Fourth and subsequent offenses - $750