CSWD ReUse Zones to Close

CSWD’s Board and staff are reviewing each of our facilities and the services we provide to ensure that you always enjoy a safe, efficient visit.

At our Drop-Off Centers, misuse of our ReUse Zones has been identified as a primary contributor to an unsafe environment.

Customers frequently leave dangerous or poisonous items, household trash, and other inappropriate items in the ReUse Zone that can cause a high-risk situation. This adds to the cost of other services and decreases the time that staff can spend on essential duties.

In addition, we regularly observe visitors lingering at the ReUse Zone, often creating hazardous traffic congestion (and longer wait times) for other customers.

The bottom line: We don’t have the staff, time, or space to properly manage them. After discussing the safety concerns at a meeting in June, the CSWD Board voted to close the ReUse Zones. The last day of service for ReUse Zones will be September 29th.

Here’s the good news: In the 20 years since we opened our ReUse Zones, local options for donation and reuse have grown dramatically. We encourage you to support the organizations providing these services in our community.