Coffee (or pint) Chat with Evan

On Thursday, May 2 from 5:30-6:30 PM, Unified Municipal Manager Evan Teich will hold a Coffee (or pint) Chat at First Republic Brewery.  This is an opportunity for anyone in the community to meet Evan in a casual setting, and let him know of any questions, concerns, or ideas that you might have.

Don’t make Evan spend an hour by himself with only a slice of pizza and a pint for company-stop by to introduce yourself and let him know what matters to you in the community.

Note: This event is held at a brewery, however there is no obligation to order or consume alcohol.  Non-alcoholic drinks will be available.  The event is open to all ages.  As they do every Thursday, First Republic will be giving out a free slice of pizza to everyone who orders a pint of beer.