Christmas Tree Pickup Town and Village

Although the COVID pandemic is still with us, residents and businesses will again have the opportunity to recycle their Christmas trees after the holiday season.

Residential Christmas trees will be picked up at the curbside starting at 7:30 AM Monday, January 4th, weather permitting by Village and Town Public Works crews. The trees will be chipped for use as mulch or used as wood fuel. There will be no charge for this service.  If the weather is inclement, requiring the crews to perform snow removal activities, the pickup will start later in the week.  The guidelines for use of this service are:

(1) All tinsel and other decorations must be taken off the tree or crews will not pick it up.  Trees with nails or spikes driven into the trunk will not be picked up. Only clean trees will be accepted.

(2) Place the tree at the curbside, but not before Monday the 4th of January. If you place the tree out earlier, and the tree is buried in a snow bank, it will not be picked up.

(3) Wreaths and other items will not be picked up and recycled because of the mixed product (metal & organic material).

(4) Be patient regarding the pickup.  It generally takes many days to collect all the trees.

(5) Please make every attempt to leave trees at the curbside on Monday morning.  With ongoing winter storms and the number of trees to be picked up, crews cannot go back in subsequent weeks to accommodate those who have forgotten to place their trees at the curb in a timely manner.

(6) The tree pickup is planned to end on Friday, the 8th of January, unless delayed by weather.

Each year calls are received because the pickup date is either too early or too late for some individuals. If you miss the curbside pickup, or would like to recycle your tree earlier or later, the Chittenden Solid Waste District will accept the trees at their Essex. Milton, Richmond and Williston Drop-Off facilities during their normal operating hours. There will not be a charge for the drop-off of up to three Christmas Trees from residential customers, but any additional trees may incur a charge. Trees will not be accepted for drop-off at the Highway Garage or the Wastewater Treatment plant.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The alternatives for disposal are curbside pickup starting on the 4th of January and ending on the 8th of January or direct delivery by the individual to the CSWD drop-off facility.

It would be wise to alert your hauler to the service being provided by the Town and Village, so that the hauler does not accidentally pick up the tree and charge for its removal.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Town of Essex and Village of Essex Junction
Public Works Departments