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Changes to Traffic Pattern on River Street

Posted Monday, August 14, 2023
Traffic Flow Change Graphic

The City of Essex Junction announces that the traffic pattern on River Street will be changing on August 21, 2023. This change will eliminate the special traffic flow pattern during the shift change at GlobalFoundries and affect the Park Street, River Street, and South Street intersections. The City will eliminate the static and dynamic signs pertaining to the special traffic pattern and modify the signal’s timing to eliminate the special traffic pattern.

Currently, the typical traffic flow of one entrance lane and one exit lane along River Street is modified during the two evening shift change periods at GlobalFoundries to create two exit lanes along River Street from the GlobalFoundries facility. This exit-only traffic pattern was intended to manage the traffic from GlobalFoundries during the shift change. GlobalFoundries has asked the City to eliminate this exit-only traffic pattern and return to the typical two-way traffic flow along River Street for all portions of the day.

Residents with questions concerning this change should contact the Public Works Department at 802-878-6944