ADL Student Wins Essay Contest

12-year-old Ronja Norstrom, an ADL student, has won a regional essay contest titled "My Favorite Teacher".

Her essay was written about her homeroom teacher, Peter Gustafson, and was named the best in Vermont and New England.

She's just as excited talking about Mr. Gustafson as she is writing about him.

"He teaches me a lot of life lessons. Everyday I walk in, he's always smiling. It makes me feel so good. One day I realized, he is just such a nice person, and I want to be a nice person like he is. And he teaches me that being a nice person can affect others," Ronja said.

On May 2nd, Ronja will find out how she stacks up nationally. The Barnes & Noble in South Burlington is holding a party for both Ronja and Mr. G, as he's known to his students. It will be that evening at 5 p.m.

If she wins the national contest, both she and Mr. G will get a Barnes and Noble gift certificate and NOOK. The school will also win $5,000.

Story & picture courtesy of WCAX.