2020 Census Jobs

The 2020 Census is upon us and hiring NOW! Wages range between $16.50 - $20/hr.

Beginning in 1790, and every 10 years since, we the people have participated in a process called the Decennial Census. We do this to know who we are and what we need for good roads, schools, hospitals and so much more. 

Be part of shaping your future! APPLY ONLINE at www.2020Census.gov/jobs. For more information or help applying, please call 1-855-JOB-2020. 
You can also reach out locally to jill.s.meyers@ 2020census.gov 

Note: The Town of Essex is in the process of creating a US Census Complete Count Committee.  We are assisting the Census Bureau in various ways including helping them staff up and in disseminating information as population undercounting could have a negative impact on the federal funding our community receives and the services so many people of community use.