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Snapshot: Humanities Today at Brownell Library

Monday, September 18, 2023
PM – 8:30 PM

The 1960s Fluxus art movement included unconventional artists, inspired by Marcel Duchamp and John Cage, who created intermedia performative events utilizing simple and playful instructions inviting others to realize as well. These artists challenged the very notion of authorship and how art is made, presented, and received. Their radical aesthetic notions influenced subsequent happenings, performance art, and postmodernism where distinctions between art and life were erased and common day activities celebrated. Inspired by scores, propositions, and performance actions of Fluxus-era artists, John R. Killacky created a new video, FLUX, with a commissioned sound composition by Sean Clute.

John R. Killacky served in the Vermont House of Representative and was executive director of the Flynn. His videos have been screened in festivals, galleries, museums, hospitals, and universities world-wide and are in the collections of numerous libraries and universities. Sean Clute is an electronic artist, composer, and performer. His work has been presented at The Kitchen, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, MuseumsQuartier Wien, ISEA – New Mexico, Dubai and Montreal, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Autonomous Mutant Festival. Clute is the co-director of the Rural Noise Ensemble and Professor of Media Art at Vermont State University.

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