This November, the Essex Junction Board of Trustees is asking all our Essex Junction Village constituents to make an important decision.

Shall the Village adopt the Plan for Merger of the Town of Essex, Vermont and Village of Essex Junction dated September 24, 2020 and the proposed Charter for merged communities?

If you’re an active registered voter in Essex Junction, you’ll soon be receiving in the mail a ballot asking you to vote yes or no on whether to accept a plan of merger with Essex Town.

On Town meeting day in March, the Essex Town government will put a similar question on a ballot for Town voters, which includes voters in Essex Junction due to our dual citizenship in both the Village and the Town.

If the majority of voters approve both these proposals, the current Essex Junction and Essex Town governments would be merged into a single Essex government, with the approval of the Vermont State Legislature.

If the vote fails, whether on the Village side, the Town side, or both sides, the Town and Village governments and all the services they provide will continue just as they are.

The Essex Junction Trustees can’t tell our citizens how to vote, but perhaps a little background and history will help you decide on whether we should merge with Essex Town or stay as we are.

Board of Trustees & Contact Information

The Village Trustees welcome your questions.  Please feel free to contact any Trustee at the email listed on this page.

Andrew Brown, Village President       abrown@
George Tyler, Vice Presidentgtyler@
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