Storm Drain Murals at Five Corners

Three local artists worked tirelessly to bring storm drain murals to life at five corners, each containing an inspiring and catchy phrase to remind people these drains convey untreated stormwater directly to local streams.  Catch basins along Countryside Drive and other neighborhoods in the Village have been stenciled.  The hope is that these messages not only compel people to stop and notice, but encourage reflection on the impact that their everyday life might have on local water quality.

Rethink Runoff's Stream Team (RRST) and the Village Public Works partnered to engage the artists to paint storm drain murals.

When it rains, stormwater moves quickly over impervious surfaces such as buildings and roads, picking up pollutants including nutrients, sediment, oil, chemicals, road salt and metals as it goes.  According to the Lake Champlain Basin Program's 2012 State of the Lake report, "developed land can contribute up to four times more phosphorus than agricultural land"; a statistic that demands attention when considering the nutrient pollution impacting Lake Champlain.  

RRST is managed by the Chittenden County Municipal Storm Sewer designated towns and run by the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District.  For more information about programs the Stream Team or Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District offer, please email Holly at holly@ or visit or