Flag Notification - Brigadier General Michael Heston

Per order of Governor Philip B. Scott

Where the flag will be lowered: State facilities around the State

Which flag will be lowered: Both the U.S. and Vermont flags **

Date the flag is to be lowered (at sunrise): Saturday, November 24, 2018

Date flag is to return to full staff (at sunset): Monday, November 26, 2018

Name of person being honored: As a sign of respect and gratitude for the sacrifice and service of Brigadier General Michael Heston, who served as Assistant Adjutant General for the Vermont Army National Guard.  General Heston demonstrated selfless commitment to Vermont and our nation through his 26-year career in the Vermont State Police, through enlistment in the Marine Corps Reserve and Vermont Army National Guard with deployments to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom, and through his time as an officer in the Vermont National Guard. 


Rule:  When the U.S. Flag is lowered, the Vermont flag and POW flag must also be lowered, the U.S. Flag must always fly above or equal to any other flags that are flown.

Notice sent by:  Office of the Commissioner, Department of Buildings & General Services