Densmore Drive Culvert Replacement Construction resumes Monday, April 26th!

S.D. Ireland will begin installation of the replacement culvert on Densmore Drive near Main St starting Monday April 26, 2021. Access to the medical offices will be maintained however the rest of the road from Main St entrance will remain closed to pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Water Valve Testing week of May 3rd on the streets of Densmore/Brickyard/Main
Village Public Works will be testing water valves in the Densmore Dr/Main St/Brickyard Rd area the week of May 3rd. It is anticipated that residents of Sherwood Square, Village Glen, Village Glen East, The Brickyard, 81 Main St and some houses on Main st may experience temporary and short water loss, low water pressure, or discolored water while the valve testing occurs. If you lose water and it does not come back on within a few hours, please call the Village Public Works at 802-878-6944

Any questions regarding the project can be directed to the Village Stormwater Coordinator, Chelsea by email chelsea@ or calling 802-878-6943 X1705.