Community Calendar

Conservation & Trails Committee

Start date: August 13
Start time: 6:30 PM
End time: 8:30 PM
Location: Town Offices @ 81 Main St., Essex Junction VT 05452

The Town of Essex Conservation and Trails Committee is composed of seven residents of the Town who are appointed by the Selectboard for three-year terms. The mission of the committee is to inventory and study the natural, historic, educational, cultural, scientific, architectural, or archaeological resources of the town in which the public has an interest; and to preserve, develop and maintain a multi-use trail, sidewalk, and greenway system in the Town of Essex that will link residential neighborhoods to natural areas, schools, parks, businesses, recreational facilities, community centers, and neighboring towns.  The Committee also advises the Selectboard and Planning Commission on matters relating to the public understanding of local natural resources and conservation needs, development applications and acquisition of lands involving the above resources.