Water Department

Automatic Payment Information

Sign up for free automatic water/sewer payment program.  To have payments automatically paid from your bank account on the due dates, print and fill out this form.

Final Water Bill

If you are selling your house please call 878-6944 to request a final water bill at least 3 days before the closing.  Info needed includes: date of closing, closing attorney office and fax #, seller phone #, new owner names and telephone #.  There is no cost for this service at the time of a property closing.

New Water Meters

The phone number for scheduling new water meter appointments is 876-5033.  Please call if your water meter hasn't been replaced in the last three years. The change-over is very quick and there is no cost to you.

FYE 16 Water/Sewer/Sanitation Rate Schedule

Water/Sewer/Sanitation fixed charges are billed quarterly, water usage is billed semi-annually.  Fixed rate charges per unit per quarter are $70.83.

  • FYE 16 Water Rate:  $22.35 per unit quarterly plus $0.0155 per cubic foot
  • FYE 16 Sewer Rate:  $26.44 per unit quarterly plus $0.0099 per cubic foot
  • FYE 16 Sanitation Rate: $22.04 per unit quarterly plus $0.0051 per cubic foot