Maple Street Park Pool Passes and Swim Lessons

Maple Street Pool Daily and Season Passes

75 Maple Street

For general pool and rental information, please call 802-878-1375. To reach the pool directly, call 802-872-3370.

Opening Day Saturday, June 18

Closing Day Saturday, August 20

Mon–Fri Public Swim 12:30–8pm

Sat–Sun Public Swim 11am-8pm (After August 7, the pool closes at 7pm)

Maple Street Pool Season Pass Online Registration

Age Groups

Parent & Child 6 months - 5 Years (with caregiver)
Pre-K 3-5 years (not entered kindergarten)
Youth 5-18 years (completed kindergarten)

Skill Groups

Shrimps New, or fairly new, to the water Swimmer and a caregiver will learn to feel comfortable, safe, and confident in the water.
Stripers New, or fairly new, to the water, and ready for a lesson without Parent Comfort in water by putting different parts of body in (face, hair, ears). Some use of floatation devices
Level 1 Can move independently when using a floatation device Learn to submerge mouth, nose, and eyes, front and back float, swimming on front and back
Level 2 Is comfortable submerging. Ability to float or travel short distances unaided Enters water by stepping or jumping, open eyes underwater, front/back glide, swimming distance of front/back/side
Level 3 Can swim 15+ yards without stopping; is comfortable submerging face and resurfacing while swimming Jump into deep water, dive from side of pool, retrieve submerged objects, survival float treading water for 30 seconds, swim various strokes 15+ yards
Level 4 Is familiar with various strokes and can swim 25+ yards without stopping Improve strokes, increase endurance, feet-first surface dive, 1 minute survival float/treading/back float, throwing assists
Level 5 Can swim 50+ yards and is comfortable with all strokes Refine strokes, become more efficient, shallow dive, tuck and pike surface dives, 2 minute survival floating/treading/back float, flip turns on front and back
Level 6 Will learn to swim with ease and efficiency, and gain ability to swim smoothly over greater distances with power and endurance 500 yards continuous swim using 100 yards each of front/back crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke & butterfly, 5 minute survival float/treading/back float, feet first surface dive and retrieve an object from 12 feet

Morning Schedule

One Week Sessions

5 Lessons - A: June 20-24 or C: July 11-15

Two Week Sessions

10 Lessons - B: June 27-July 8* or D: July 18-29 or E: August 1-12

*Prorated: no lessons July 4

Monday-Friday10:25-10:55am    11:05-11:35am     11:45am-12:15pm     
Parent & Child: Shrimps        310500_3
Pre-K: Stripers320500_1 320500_2320500_3
Pre-K: Level 1320501_1320501_2320501_3
Pre-K: Level 2320502_1320502_2320502_3
Pre-K: Level 3 320503_2 
Youth: Level 1360500_1360500_2360500_3
Youth: Level 2360501_1360501_2360501_3
Youth: Level 3360502_1360502_2360502_2
Youth: Level 4 360503_2360503_3
Youth: Level 5 360504_2 
Youth: Level 6360505_1  

Evening Schedule

Two Week Sessions

8 lessons - F: June 20-30 or G: July 11-21

Monday-Thursday           6-6:30pm     6:30-7pm      7-7:30pm    
Youth: Level 1360500_1  
Youth: Level 2 360501_2 
Youth: Level 3  360502_3

Saturday Schedule

Eight Week Sessions

8 lessons - J: June 25-August 13

Saturdays         9:15-9:45am      9:50-10:20am      10:35-10:55am     
Parent & Child: Shrimps             310500_3
Pre-K: Stripers320500_1320500_2320500_3
Pre-K: Level 1320501_1320501_2320501_3
Pre-K: Level 2320502_1320502_2 
Youth: Level 1360500_1  
Youth: Level 2 360501_2 
Youth: Level 3  360502_3